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TRIANGEL Co., Ltd has been creating new culture of Building Maintenance with analyzing a lot of information and knowledge in the global era.
Having technology of cleaning culture to restoration, and restoration to conservation, we are providing places where people can rest and use safely. We keep trying to train professional manpower to face AI era.
We are preparing that future generation can experience advanced Building Maintenance with utilizing enough information and knowledge to make harmonized system of human being and robots.
Furthermore, our company institutes and design high-tech equipments to road and building maintenance field and tries to make every person can use safely.
We will keep training professional manpower in this field not only to have new culture and history in this competitive world, but also to spread worldwide.
TRIANGLE Co., Ltd will do our best for people to provide safe and pleasant places all the time whenever they stay in the sky, on the ground and ocean.
Triange President Duk-Hwan Kim

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